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Adobe 9A0-303 exam preparing materials

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Two separate bodies are working on the standards !Or metadata: the Meta Data Coalition and the Object Management Group.

Meta Data Coalition:
- Formed as a consortium of vendors and interested parties in October 1995 to launch a metadata standards initiative, the coalition has been working on standard known as the Open Information Model (01M). Microsoft joined the coalition in December I998 and has been a staunch supporter along with sonic oilier leading vendors. In July 1999, the Meta Data Coalition accepted the Open Information Model as the standard and began to work on extensions. In November 1999, the coalition was driving new key initiatives.

The Object Management Group: -
Another group of vendors is including Oracle, IBM. Ilewlett-Packard. Sun. and Unisys sought for metadata standards through the Object Management Group a larger established forum dealing with wider at ray of standards object technology. In June 2000, the Object Management Group unveiled the Common Warehouse Metamodel (MIA) is the standard for metadata interchange for data warehousing.

Although in April 2000, the Meta Data Coalition and the Object Management Group said that they would 'cooperate in reaching a consensus on .a single standard, this is still an elusive goal. As most corporate data is managed with tools from Oracle, 113M, and Microsoft. Cooperation between the two camps is all the more critical.


Think back to our discussion in Chapter 1 of the dab' warehousing environment as bin of many technologies. A combination of multiple types of technologies is needed building a data warehouse. The range is wide: data modeling, data extraction data trim formation, database management systems, Control modules, and alert system agents, query 'tools, analysis tools, report writers, and so on.

Now in a hot industry such as data warehousing, there is no scarcity of vendors and products. In each of the multitude of technologies supporting the data warehouse, numerous vendors and products exist. The implication is that when you build your data wet house, many choices are available to you to create an effective solution with the best of breed products. That is the good news. However, the bad news is that have you (an multivalued products. the result could also be total confusion and chaos. These multivalued products have to cooperate and work together in your data warehouse.

Unfortunately, there are no established standards for the various products to exchange in and function together. When you use the database product from one vender the query and reporter tool from another vendor, and the OLAP (online analytical processing) product from yet another vender, these are three products have no standard meth for exchanging data. Standards are especially critical in two areas: metadata interchange and OLAP functions. 

Metadata is like the total roadmap to the information contained in a data warehouse. Each product adds to the total metadata content; each product needs to use metadata created by the other products. Metadata is like the glue that holds all the functional pieces together.

No modern data warehouse is complete without OLAP functionality. Without OLAP, you cannot provide your users kill capability to perform multidimensional analysis, to view the information from many perspectives, and to execute complex calculations. OLAP is crucial…

In the following sections we will review the progress made so far in establishing standards in these two significant areas. Although progress has been made, as of mid-2000, we have not achieved fully adopted standards in either of the areas.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Active Data Warehousing

Active Data Warehousing
So far we have discussed a number of significant trends that are evant to what you need to bear in mind while building your data warehouse. Why not end our discussion of the significant trends with a bang? Let us look at what is known as active data warehousing. 

What do you think of opening your data warehouse to 30.000 users worldwide, consisting of employees, customers, and business partners, in addition to allowing about 15 million users public access to the information every day? What do you think about making a 24 x 7 continuous service delivery environment with 99.9% availability? Your data warehouse quickly becomes mission-critical instead of just being strategic. You are into active data warehousing.

One-on-One Service: - This is what one global company has accomplished an active data warehouse. The company operates in more than 60 countries, manufactures more than 40 countries, conducts research in nearly 30 countries, and sells over 50,0itt products in 200 countries. The advantages of opening up the data warehouse to outsides parties other than the employs are enormous. 

Suppliers work with the company on int. proved demand planning and supply chain management the company and its distributes cooperate on planning between different sales strategies; customers make expeditions purchasing decisions. The active data warehouse truly provides One-on-one service toil customers and business partners.

Monday, 17 June 2013

70-246 Question 3

70-246 Question 3
Your company has a private cloud that is managed by using a System Center 2012 infrastructure. The network conatians 50 virtual machines that run Windows 7. Each virtual machine has an application named App1.exe installed. A new version of App1.exe is Section 1: Sec One (2 to 2) Details: Virtual Machine Manager released. You need to identify which virtual machines have the outdated version of App1.exe installed. What should you do?

A. From Operations Manager, create a monitor
B. From Configuration Manager, deploy a Desired Configuration Management baseline.
C. From Service Manager, create a Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) connector.
D. From Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), deploy a service template.

Answer: B


Desired configuration management in Configuration Manager 2007 allows you to assess the compliance of computers with regard to a number of configurations, such as whether the correct Microsoft Windows operating system versions are installed and configured appropriately, whether all required applications are installed and configured correctly, whether optional applications are configured appropriately, and whether prohibited applications are installed. Additionally, you can check for compliance with software updates and security settings.

Section 3: Sec Three (4 to 4)
Details: Configuarion Manager

70-246 Question 2

70-246 Question 2
Your company has a private cloud that is managed by using a System Center 2012 infrastructure. The Service Manager management server is installed on a server named
Server1. The Configuration Manager site server is installed on a server named Server2. You create a baseline and several configuration items. You need to configure Service Manager to create incidents for each Service Manager configuration item that is non-compliant with the baseline. What should you create?

A. a task and a Desired Configuration Management Event Workflow
B. a channel and a subscription
C. a connector and a Desired Configuration Management Event Workflow
D. a subscription, a connector, and a task.

Answer: C


A connector is required to bring data from Configuration Manager into Service Manager. From there, you create a Desired Configuration management Event Workflow.
Using Connectors to Import Data into System Center 2012 - Service Manager

How to Configure Desired Configuration Management to Generate Incidents

Section 2: Sec Two (3 to 3)
Details: Service Manager